Thursday, November 15, 2012

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA! Finally HERE! Very thrilled and excited even though I wasn't going to go. Wasn't to thrilled about it couple weeks ago because I simply wasn't interested in the brand this year. The Fashion Gods took over and showed me a NEW LIGHT to these unique Garments. I felt inspired by the campaigns , lookbook and fashion film. Research Margiela and I was simply impress indeed. Very intelligent, has a old school french eye that keeps it very MODREN, and her passion and love for her creations. I have seen this beautiful shirt that was TAN/GOLD SAtin and I had to have it. I knew right then and there I was going to wait "however long" to get that shirt.
"UNTITLED" Margiela Fragrance / Rule Book I bought a Lord and Tailor Vintage Sweater recently having the thought that i would not be spending BIG money on clothing any time soon! That shipped Sailed and sunk. Seriously I had a great experience there. Woke up around 4am getting ready for the cold cold cold weather ahead. I was more prepared this time then Versace and Lavin. Knowing my bus would arrive at 5:10am I rushed to the bus stop making my way downtown. Got there about 5:30am where i met my line buddies. We talked about everything ! About the latest Fashion, trends, boyfriends, weather, color, hunger and everything between. Of course people already jump ahead of the line but it didn't matter because these people were professionals buyers. H&M employees were very nice kind through this rough time! Gave us rules and guidelines as well as a free sample of Margiela fragrance "Untitled" which is SOOOOOO FAB! (Above this TXT) Also passed out free starbucks coffee and muffins! YUM!
SHOPPING BAGS FOR MY PURCHASES Excuse the Ghetto background ! Very lazy about presenting what i bought! I purchase a few items and when I got in line (which was VERY short) the garment bangs, hangers and bags were beautiful ! I literally look like I was buying the gift warping for this event. The H&M employee was very excited and nice which made my purchase all the thrill! He gave me the hangers which i been dying to buy myself . I still have my Marni hangers from last year. He even offered to have a cover for my garments (shirts) as well as a mini bag. I quickly exited out with a BIG Smile on my face. Why? Because I was paying for just cloths. I was paying for the experience , Paying for well accomplish designer, paying for european quality and paying for uniqueness & creativity.
BOX AND OPEN CLASP WATCH BRACELET $49.95 It wasn't plan but i purchase the bracelet. I wouldn't spend that much on a bracelet , let alone a watch but i couldn't help it at all. Look at the box and case for it ! Too cute right ! I was aiming for this bracelet which was on the shelf hidden? I didn't want the watch they had but either one was alright by me. It is me or do you like the quality of photograph i took? Love the little detail they put on the price tag " Style Description and season ". I think the season means when they first created it for that brand or Fashion in general.
MMM GARMENTS LININ TOP $49.95 Here it is! What i was shopping for all along. What I love about this shirt is it's Satin/ linin and I know not to many guys wear a shirt like this unless your fancy? Great buy right! I was very worried on buying a large since I'm use to wearing a SM or M but it's european right? It have 2 Zipper i believe that you can slip any shape body into and it makes you look very refreshing and hit. It is a little baggy but i still love it since I normally wear my clothing fitted. The sleeves length are 2 inch big but over all i love it.
FAIR ISLE TROMPE L' OEIL LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRT $34.95 I First picket up this shirt because I couldn't find the Satin shirt i wanted. 30 seconds later I did. What stood out to me with this shirt was it was a print of a sweater. Now I know that might sound cheesy and outdated but times is hard and it was cheap. it's a Isle shirt and not many people have it. I don't know men are scared to dare for fashion but it is what it is. I'm speaking from my circle of people who are guys for no effort in the style department.
Overall this experience was GREAT indeed. I gotten what i wanted and more. Surely you probably skipped to the end of this post and didn't feel like reading. Well I have news for you for people who likes VISUAL! I made a video post for you guys with the same information in 2D and 3D and HD and all that ! ahaha The video should be Right above or Below this POST PHOTOGRAPHY TECHS BUFFS Photographer- ME Raymond Woods 50mm FSTOP 1.8 1/60 Shutter 200 ISO

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