Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lil Tahj "OMG" Official Music Video

Hey Guys ! So it's been 4 or 5 months since U blog on here because.... Well life happen! Since we last chatted i recently gotten a very fab retail job downtown. Very relax, unique, and you can dress to impress so to speak. Rush into the nearest retail store and bought some very stylist cloths! Also they gave me a fantastic discount as well. To bad the money i was making still couldn't afford that lifestyle. After settling into my new job. My life continue to get crazier ! Anyway, Tahj Entertainment came to me and other people who work on this video a chance to put together a concept and pretty much create a successful video shoot. My role was to be the wardrobe stylist as well as a third eye for the outlook of the video. Something like a director of photography ? I actually recently look that title up. Always seen it in movies but really never knew what that meant. The video was build around a local sneaker store "Sneaker villa". Small and boutique but very cute. Met the "Sneaker Villa" staff and we were off to make magic. The point of doing it at "Sneaker villa" because it's a new hot store, to promote sneaker villa, to make Lil Tahj the one of the only youngest artist to actually make a video at the store and be played. Sneaker villa is pretty much on the east coast and even though theirs only a few stores ( 50-100 give or take) the brand is growing and we must take part in it.
Sneaker Villa were one of the 3 scene to nail this video and create something we never seen before. I could only make to the Sneaker Villa one so i know i had to bring my A Game so to speak. Their were alot staff involve in this to make sure everything was on point. Story line was pretty simple. Lil Tahj is mega famous , fans want her autograph and shoot around the merchandise and product. See? SIMPLE. Creating it was far from simple. We spent between 6-8 hours shooting this video and it got very tiring. Honestly if i was to record a music video immma need some sugar out the ass. I don't know why i have the patients to watch and set; better yet shoot an 6-12 hour shoot but not video? Photographs are done as soon as you you click the button. Then worry ever single move! So basically i actually wrote a post about this on my other blog SECDUM SOCIETY that actually gives you some insight and detail on it :) My sister is the infamous "Lil'Tahj" from Tahj Entertainment . She is currently 14 year old rap star taking the world by storm! In other news, Just kidding. I was apart of a grand design of making her "OMG" video run smoothly as possible. We had creative directors, Managers, supporters, fans, MUA, Hair stylist , assistants and of course me "Wardrobe stylist. I have style in the past and actually gotten paid work but i'am not 100% a wardrobe stylist by all means. Takes too much energy that i don't already have that will take from my other creative outlets. So i kick back and relax and let the cloths talk to me as they should.
The look above is the look i whip up from the urban trend i found in complex, Ubiq and xxl. My goal was to submit 3 looks that best describe the artist 'lil tahj' with SneakeR Villa clothing. CURRENT Cloths. So already i have to find a way to let the cloths peak to me in a way that it will stay current for at least 6-24 months. You can never go wrong with a white short that have been graphic in the way that is to fun, young an relevant. Add Some skinny Jeans and fly kicks of Jordans and bam! We are making music video magic. FYI this is only 1 location of this video. It is extremely long process people. We had fantastic people which i cannot name of all of but you know who you are. Video and Photographing are so different but still the same in every way. Makes sense ? It was pretty cool to see how videography works and you never know... I might step in that felid as well. Moving on.. I was starving the day of this video shoot so my mind wasn't to focus as much as i wanted it to be. I don't remember the weather on that day but i know i was wearing an blue cotton button down shirt that make with my blue pants with a stripe shirt. It might of been in the summer knowing me so there~!

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