Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Arising Phoenix Collection: Custom-Made Sweater

Hey Guys! The past month i been interested in making T-shirts, dying and bleaching for some reason. Little did i know I been getting some exciting offers from it. Really? Yes i couldn't believe it myself. My first 2 shirts are sold and I'm presenting the last shirt of the collection. It's still a side project to me unless proven other wise. I link up with exciting partnerships that want me to design a limited collection. I don't have a name for my collection so i need to start from scratch. Maybe i should called it " SS Solstice" ? Has a ring to it don't it! Plus it's all about branding and keeping my name out there.
[current Ebay post] All the information is on the ebay post on "what's it's made of, process, price, shipping" and more. The link is through my Face book or you can type in the names on the Ebay photographs! I decided to officially make an collection sold to 6 selected Venders including online & in stores. The price range will range between $19.50 USD - $49.50 USD with UNISEX wear. (Pretty Cool Right) ? I will Vision, Create and maintain 10 hand selected pieces to be showcase through the vendors only for 3 months! Includes T-Shirts, Shirts, Shorts and Accessories. The fantastic part about is that my vendors will also showcase there lines as well but my mines will ONLY BE A LIMITED EDITION. The Sizes will range from S, M, L for MEN AND WOMEN (xs and xL WILL NOT BE SOLD). So you can do your part as well ! More i sell the more credit i will get. With that said i will be giving prizes away as well two. Starting with a LIVE USTREAM SHOWCASING the collection with the other designers. When you purchase it i thinking about sending you a little note as a thank you and what not. Sounds pretty cool :) So let me know what you think? I'am doing to much ? or I'm just wasting my team. LEt me know before i sign those PAPERS! haaha
Secdum <3

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