Monday, May 28, 2012

Tracy Reese Event at Anthropolgie

Hey Guys! So it's been forever writing a post and i'am sorry for that but i'm back now. Where should i start! I did a couple Videos, Gotten a official website and deleted it, finish season 1 on Secdum Society Channel, attend to photography school, Loss a job and gain one, signed to a new management ment and so much more. For now on i will keep you guys in the loop. So back to this post. Recently an employee at Anthropolgie in Downtown Philadelphia as in April. Love the job, experience and the people xr2! Retail is still very new to me because i have never work for a retail company. Why? Because majority of retail like to put on there handy danny apps " Must have 1- 5 years retail experience. But Anthro took a chance on me and landed me with a job. I think the majority of my hiring efforts had to go to you guys for keeping me motivate ! So now as a profession i get to play with cloths alll day long. Seriously it's hard work, but it pays off right? Just a week and a half ago i was told there was a tracy reese event but i had no idea who she was. I didn't work that day of the event so i decided to stop by. I research her and she was an internationally super designer that travel across the world. I ok my Nikon SLR camera and took my trusty speedlight and my 50mm 1.8 Lens and went to photographing. I wore something fashionable and comfortable (Uriq Blk suede shoes, H&M tan straight legs, Grey straight button up Zara shirt, Zara blk suede Blazer). You can see the look below ! So at the event i was super star struck but i had a job to do (Snap pictures). There were a professional photographer women who was shooting as well so i had to respect her job and take wind underneath her wings. Apparently i quickly forgot about that and snap away. "The best photographs are the most stolen moments from people in one with the environment." Snapshot co workers, mangers, sociallites, Tracy Reese peoples and the food. I actually video tape it kinda of it before my battery ran out but i still will publish it for you before (JUNE 24 2012 OFFICALL SEASON 2). This is just general or even photograph i snag along the way so take a look. There are 3 photograph that stood out to me that i wanted to share and talk to you about.
This is a photograph of me Tricks! Kind of blurry and out of focus but still me! I need to find the girl that took a picture of me during the event. She must know i hate being photographs with a serious face included. I was actually kinda of casual but still remain professional. That black suede Zara BLAZER that cost me $40.00 (Reg 149.95) Actually fit! Praising the holy ground for that.
The lady of the hour. The inspiring Photographer that does ??? well i really don't know. As this photograph was taken she took mines as well. Love at first site? jk. But seriously she's a reallly cool person. I think she is a visual Merch? Not sure on her job title but its higher then most of us.
I love this photograph for many reasons. 1st reason because she is a pretty person inside and out. 2 i snap this shot as she was moving. Great capture right? 3. Through the whole surprise shooting she was ready, photogenic and very fun to be around. This is one of my favorite shots of that night.
The photographer of the hour. She was super cool with shooting with me. Also gave me some tips and tricks on how to land certain shots like the whole above! pretty cool huh? I love it! She base someone near by and i check out her website out. She is super dope.
Tracy Reese x Young Lady that works with me. Sorry i can not remember your name so in my name i think your super cool. She actually ran up to me and wanted me to snap a photograph of her and tracy. Super cute right. ! THERE THIS ONE PICTURE I WANT TO TALK ABOUT BUT I CAN NOT SEEM TO FIND IT. SO IF I SHALL DO [INSERT HER] <--- haha. Anyway i had a blast and you would to. Btw watch a video that i attempted to make for the event !

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