Friday, April 1, 2011

CCM in Modeling Photo shoots

So i have just started using this trending term about 3 days go ; inspired by editing the model "Ramon Luis" film. CCM is a little abbreviation i use now to better help inspiring models to achieve there potential, not only a shoot with me but other photographers. CCM was about to be spelled out as a "correct word" but i knew i was pushing to far so i just remain it "CCM" . Which bring us to your dying question "What in the world is CCM Ray"?

CCM (better known as CREATIVE CONFIDENT MOVER) . Looking at countless Fashion photographer it was 3 things that these models had to do in order to achieve the expectations of a photographer, designer, agency etc. Being creative, confident mover assures a great deal of achievement for anybody. But why theses 3 instead of her adjectives, verbs, etc.?

CREATIVE: In order to purpose anything "Artistic" wise has to start with creativity first. Being open about your emotions, past experiences, visions, expectations, and goals can and will boast your creativity process. Same thing goes for a model before actually being shot. The model needs to be creativity open and challenging ones ability to please the client. So rolling on the floor, jumping, laughing, spinning, dancing,and yelling is "oh so right" trying to build a character or a theme in the shoot. Thinking of new ideas (without stepping over boundaries) will influence everyone around you to step up there creative process as well. You get the "Yes Girl", "Work", "stunning", Magical" .... You are ready to move on to the next

CONFIDENT: Because you are the center of attention every move you make impacts everyone around. Stand up tall and proud of your body. Knowing thou body and owning thou body will not only make you feel like a REAL model but the viewers as well. Being creative is only the first step but to make it to the 2nd step you must be confident about every decision you make. A Photographer loves to experiment and shoot you endlessly you influence him. Feel the fabric, know the client history, know the photographer style of shooting and use that to your advantage. To become a better model is all about having the personality, positive attitude, and being an effective listener. Personality can defiantly land you other gigs alone so show some confidence. Having a positive attitude and even being an EFFECTIVE listener will make the photographer job a whole lot easier.

MOVER: You want to put what you want to do creativity wise and being sure & confident about your decision only leads to one thing. MOVE MOVE and "oh yea" MOVE DAMMIT ! You mote move like black swan, have swag like Drake, Have grace like Lara Stone, etc. You already have the concept you want and mind and you are positive that you want to act on it so MOVE. Movement follow movement so make sure you what...... posing from H2T H2T and H2T! This one of the make or break moments of a model. A model needs to evaluate, committed and impact EVERYONE AROUND for the agency, photographers, editorials are the ones that book you to sell there products. Everything lies in you!

So yes modeling is hard and yes model is cut throat but modeling inspiration a wide range of people each and everyday! CCM can take years to master depending on the work you decided to take. I don't go to fashion school, not a guru nor in the "Fashion Scene" but me keep doing what i doing i pock up alot of things along the way. Make sense? lol

Hope this helps !

Secdum <3

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