Friday, April 1, 2011

Ramon Luis: Secdum Society Ad Campaign: (Behind the Story)

So as you know i'am the creator and visionary of The Secdum Society. Thats NOW the main website i do most of my blogging and Fashion updates. I also have another blog "SS Solstice" where i do most of my quick post i find 24/7. So after all this Why and Ad campaign ? Pretty simple really. To PROMOTE ! My blog has become more then just any old fashion blog it's become a life style. Updating the latest trends, Campaigns, Editorials, Fashion Videos and more right on "The Secdum Society" . Now that my viewers are increasing weekly i want to make a stamp in the industry. Having a official logo, Ads to put on sites, and a trademark is really how i want to brand ( Yes i have taken numerous business). I love to brand and market for people so why not something for me this time Right? So how do i go about branding and marketing my website that only Philadelphia and Delaware only know of?

Researching is the key to accomplishing ones task. I look through alot of Fashion bloggers sites for inspirations to "NOT COPY" but put out something that they aren't covering such as WORLDTOWN, Ad Campaigns, and Lookbook. Yes i love personal style and love shopping but pretty much 75% of all Fashion bloggers do that on a daily bases so what makes me stand apart from them? Seeking other fashion from countries, Introducing the latest lookbook and NOW..... Highlighing Models makes me stand out. My blog has no limits but then again it does because i say "This is the ultimate Fashion blog" i will be lying. Fashion is to Vast for one single person so i will continue to play to my strengths. Researching plays a major part in ones creativity so i try my best to look at the ones that i wouldn't think twice of looking at.

After gathering tremendous information i need to create an ad campaign to better promote myself as a blogger as well a photographer. My vision was to have 2 male models and 2 females in an urban setting with a very fashion forward look but as i made the casting call that ship had sailed. So i had to back to square one and work around them. So i got this amazing idea of have 4 models in 4 different locations expressing there fashion sense in there own way and combining it together. That ship had sailed also. SOOOOOO DISCOURAGE until This very interesting model by the name of "Ramon " was really drawing alot of attention to me. He would keep in contact, start conversation and show personality. Idk about other photographers but when you reach out to me a model should keep the relationship going. Don't hit me up and disappear. Because when you show you don't care i can to.

More and More me and Ramon talk i check his Facebook, portfolio, etc to get a sense of what type of model he could be. Couple days later we book the shoot day. We shoot in old city, Philadelphia still having the overall concept in my head. Yes i was winging it a bit but i always create, edit or twist my concept on the shoot day. A model just sparks my curiosity to try something new. I shot 5 looks and somewhat had an idea to create this campaign. Before i put any photos on my computer the ones i dislike the most i delete of the camera first (about 3 cycles). I do it when i'am eating, extremely tired and busy. Believe it or not delete photographs while doing these 3 things really effect your overall thinking process which really benefits you at the end.

Coming up with a concept when editing can alter your original concept when you started. Never the less you still pull some inspiration from everywhere to get the job done. Flipping through verse magazine, zink magazine and nylon magazine help me to come up with a concept. I decided to use 2 or 3 looks for my Ad campaigns and the other 2 or 3 looks for my actually portfolio. So yes i did edited my photographs mega crazy because.... IAM CRAZY. I love Bright , crazy, muggy , vibrate colors. It's fits my blog personality as well as mines. I really dislike describing my photographs because there always someone who thinks differently about it. So you can be the judge of it. Let me know if you like the changes. Tired of typing so on that note.


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