Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Illumination of the Curtain

"Photography inspiration is all around us. Takes a photographer curiosity to capture that moment. "

I currently live in philadelphia now and i well settle in. Never really though anything of my curtains and my window so i never payed it any mind. Little did i know it was a true inspiration in my room. One day around 4pm-6pm the sun sets through my window and my golden/white curtains have this golden glow. Very beautiful i might add. So this is how i gotten a very beautiful and vivid photographs.

Capturing Light

I have a wooden shade on my window with a curtain on the right side and left side . The sunlight shine through my window very hard so i shut the window and began to capture light. I wasn't please at all! very HARSH and HARD. I put my f-stop at 3.5, aperture at 1/60 and ISO at 100. Change it to Direct sunlight and BAMM magic was starting to happen. I begin to tint the color of the photograph because yellow was not cutting it and i fell in love with an orange/red burn. Capturing light from the sun can be a little tough considering as the time went by less and less the sun will appear.

Let's get creativity

I wanted a figure to cast a shadow through the shades so i ran down stairs and try to find an object to put on the window. Again time was running out so i had to think fast. beyond i found a Mask. I gotten the tape and tape it on my window. Didn't cast the way i hope but it was good enough. The time of the sun was going away :( So started to click away. Changing the Aperture and color tint to give it more of a unique feel.

The Dramatic Ending

Clicking away i played with the flash, exposure and focus point through out the shoot. I wanted everything to be a hard dark outline to give the window a very special glow. and boy did it glow. I then later edit a photograph to see how i can make something i corrected first RAW turn out to be a solid finish photograph.

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