Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Your monthly update!

Hey guys,
I havn't blog in a while because I have been working and getting my school work done. So.... I herre to catch you up on the Know Know.

March 14-18 2010

I have been recently introduce to FORMS on FASHIONPHOTOGRAPHYBLOG.COM and i got alot of advice on Shooting tips, Portfolio, ect. I'am litterally on it like EVERYDAY. It's really cool to know that the other photographers have the same passion like I do. I was reffered to some photographers and the photographs were AMAZING! Heres some of their work

Pretty cool! Is it me or I'm addicted to Melissa Rodwell Tutorials?! Even though I watch ALL OF THEM LIKE 5 TIMES. Each time i learn something new. Her knowledge she gives the viewers is towards actuall Fashion Photographer but I take her information and run with it. It all making sense to me. Well Back to them Turtorials

March 19-22 2010

So ofcourse you know i'am maddly addicted to "" right? Well Melissa Rodwell has posted a contest of our best (2) Fashion photograph we shot. Ofcourse I told my friends and family about it and decided to really vote for my two best pictures. Anyone (whos a member) can enter so I hop on it. Little did I know picking 2 fashion photos out of 200 and something photos was Very Hard. But i did it. "Finally"... here were the photos We decided to subbmitt!

Yes. it was only right to pick theses ones. So I wrote why i picked them and happily Subbmit it.

March 23-27 2010

Yes I have been stalking "" because I really wanted to know who won the contest. In the middle of the week I have purchasing some Fashion magazine (Vogue, Z!NK!, GQ, and more.) Haaha what can I see i'm addicted to Fashion! comes with the job. I have been getting so many photography ideas its not even funny! Well sadly on Friday I was NOT the finalist of the contest but thats not gong to stop me from striving for my best. Iwent against Photographers who do Fashion photography over 10 years! so how can i be mad right?
Recently found out my mom was a MAKE-UP ARTIST BACK IN THE DAY! WHO KNEW! So she will be m make-up artist for my shoots for now on (YES!). Also got 2 stylist, and an Graphic Designer. Got my Team! so even though I didnt win the contest I got a soild RAY WOODS PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM!

March 28-30 2010

Nothing Exciting Really happen today :( I got a polarizer filter that I thought I needed but sadly I took it back because I found out I didn't need it. ughh. At least I got my money back. Now i got to put that money into my LEEENS! WHOOOP WHOOP FOR ME!

There will be upcoming blogs on some past/future Shoots. so stay tune!

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