Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dont Underestimate an Nikon Compact Camera!

Those who saw and read my previous post should know all the recent photos I have taken up this point were taken b a Nikon Compact Camera. When I recieved the camera around November I never new how mustgreat quailty that camera can take. Fist I thought my camera suck but as the weeks went on my pictures improved! I realize it wasn't the camera that improved, it was my skills all along. When you have your concept in mind and you know what you want you tell the camera what to do, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

I recently read an article in my App "Nikon Learn & Explore" that explained the power of an compact camera. Let's face it... It isn't the most professional camera out therebut it does serve it purpose. I thought it purpose was to make Great portraits (Yes but No). Also Fashion Pictures As well. These Following Pictures are samples I have taken with the Compact Camera.

Looking at how far I came December-March I had mad so much Progress. Compact Cameras in general are very good but I need to take pictures that our GREAT! still have my compact camera handy but npw I have an SLR (Finally). Now That Im serious out my photography Biz it's tiime to WORKED!

Here are some of my Photos I have taken weeks ago but never posted them.

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