Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mellisa Rodwell

It's been a while since i posted anything on my blog but i havn't forgot about yall. Alot have been taking place within a month and I grown to learn new things about Photography. So lets start right now.


I have viewed over 50 Photographers this past month and they all were good. I was first introduced to "" by Aletha Brown Photography. I took a look at it and it didn't appeal to me at the time. The other day I google "Fashion, Fashion Photography, Fashion blogs" and found I took a look around and it started to appeal to me. I wanted to learn more about Fashion in general and not only I learned about "fashion" but so much more.

The first thing I have learned was "What is Fashion"? "Why Fashion Photography"? "How can I make it in the Fashion industry"? Even though she was directly asking us these questions but I felt the need to answer these questions. I love Fashion and I love Photography and Shooting Fashion seems so right. But anyways...

Melissa Rodwell has change my overall thinking about photography. I learn so much from that post I had to share it with everyone I knew. She even video tapes her shoots to get a visual insight on an actual video shoot. Not having the money for all these workshops I really appreciate her video taping it. I have not been into any workshops but I have been at Althea Brown Studio and she shows me how she works. Just seeing another photographer photoshoot shows me a different "light" in shooting.

Besides Melisa Rodwell Tips, Lessons and "homeworks" She had an 15 minute video about making a portfolio. Some of what she said was a little advance for me at the moment but when i get where shes at then I can kinda take more from what she was saying. Fashion Photographers need to have a professional portfolio, about 40 pictures, and all the pictures need to flow.
She should the viewers her Portfolios and how she pick the photos. It was really informing.

She also should the viewers her Photographer Business Cards and Promo. I learned alot.

I will be getting an SLR Camera soon and I'll will be shooting non stop. You think my pictures are good now. Wait until I get my camera.

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