Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have been recently been watching the Tyra Show and it's really intresting. I have always been a fan on her show but this past shows has really spoke to me "as an photographer". Tyra is like the younger oprah. She changes people lives and I want her to do the same with my life. so I started TODAY to reach out to her on So i'll keep you updated on the progress.
On one of post really struck goal to me and evry model needs to know.

Make Love To The Camera

Modeling isn’t just about being fierce and SMIZE-ing your way through a photo shoot. Taking a good picture is a two-way street between the model and the photographer, as the model is essentially creating the photographer’s vision. Tyra is certainly an expert in modeling but I wanted to get a different point of view… the photographer’s! I got Leif Huron Lafferty-Gebauer’s – an emerging photographer – perspective on what is needed to get a great shot. Surprisingly, knowing how to pose isn’t one of them! Read on to find out how you can make love to the camera…

Be Natural: The age of the manufactured ‘model’ poses are out.
Take a Chill Pill: Not only is it extremely important for models to be comfortable with themselves, the photographer needs to be comfortable with the model.
Use Your Psychic Skills: Photographers aren’t always the most clear at articulating their vision. A model needs to be able to listen, interpret & transform instruction.
Patience is a Virtue: A huge part of any photo shoot is waiting! Waiting for the sun to be just right, a cloud to move, or to adjust a light. Remember- patience is a virtue!
Move That Body: A model should be aware of his or her body and be fluid with their movements. One photographer said a background in dance can be useful.
Follow the Leader: Every photographer said that it’s important to be able to follow directions, remember they’re seeing the image. Models can take creative freedom, but need to be receptive to directions and tweaks.

To get an idea of natural and fluid movement, check out his work at

Now you’re ready to go out and be fierce!
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