Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fashion Editorial Shoot:Holly Draper

What's up my blog readers

Friday after the last I shoot Holly Draper who is an up imcoming model. She's
currently in college and I'm in highschool so our schedules are way
different from each other. We sort-of plan this in two week prior to
the shoot so we all ready to go and set. She hit me up on facebook
wanting a photoshoot and have a Alice n wonderland theme. She got her
cloths (I styled her), her acceriess, ect. Two days before the shoot
she told me that she didn't have the cloths for "Alice n wonderland"
and I told her bring at least 4 or 5 Fierce outfits and we can work
with that.
On the day of the shoot we meet about 1 1/2 before the actually shoot
time to again, discuss the concept now having me see her cloths. I was
very impress on what she had and I know I can work with what she had
becAuse she gave me variety of things. I had to look at the cloths the
senory around my neighborhood and carefull plan out everything (how
many scene, does these cloths look right with the background, how well
the model pose, is she exprience, ect.) after I solved that problem
Now I had to worry about lighting. I don't have any lights with me
that day at all so I had to relay natural light. Which I hadn't have
to worry about that because it really sunny that day (yes I plan it
according to weather). The time we started was at 4:30pm. Sun was
still shining and giving off incredable heat! We by the neightby woods
and work a way to the hill. In the shoot I wanted to be Fashion and
editorial so I tried different filters, white balances and ISO. My
white balance really remind sunny warm type of feel. Shutter spead was
about 1/16. And the iso was pretty much not change until we went to
"too light or to dark of an aera". First couple shot were ok. I wanted
to get the feel of the envirnmental. (remember I never shot in this
location, and I'm not familar with my camera fooling. The more in shot
the better I became. I wanted some action shoots now so I change my
shutter to about 1/80. I prob change it higher at some shoots. So she
jump in the grass with heels (so glade I'm not a female) and she gave
me some great shoots. Editorial here i come. Idk of it was me, the
model or the or the weather be these pictures were great. After a
couple woods and grass sences. We took pictures in the model of the
street, apaartmnt garage and on the side walk. My mom ( my make up
person) came with her kit and did the model make up. Again I had to
serious think about what kind of make look good on her and the cloths.
After that. We went off the the railroad tracks and took some pictures
there. Little did I know the sun was begining to set where the train
track where so I had to adjust mh camera multiple times, the model and
the while balance. After that it was cool. After the tracks I took the
model to. Nearby hill in the neighborhood and took pictures of her
with her pretty dress. Now thinking about all four parts of the shoot
I had think of the concept pr theme . "HollyWood Holt". Basically as
her photos were very hollywood in my eyes. Her body moment, lighting
castes, and her name is within the concpt title. I took the name and
ran with It. Night fell and I knew out of 600 photos I have taken I
got a couple mony shots! The shoot lastest about 2 1/2 hours and it
was great every minute.
Here are about 10 finished photograph i have taken:

Can't wait until I get some studio lights to
better anhance my photos, 50mm lens, and some additional props

I'll will be now blogging some of my shoots to get an inside lookk in
it. But idk which ones to shoot on photoshoots. Let's just say of I
shoot thT shoot I will. Lol.
Violet stars Happy Hunting.

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