Friday, February 5, 2010

Definding Color To Thee MAX!

The Cold Case Love

What's up. These following pictures I have taken were on a friends camera. This simple and strange picture I have taken of these to become more then i can even realize. I have no idea that i was so skilled that i can use anytype of camera and make it Work for me. These photos wre very intense because I was trying to get my point across.

The Concept for this photo was to tell a story about a couple who is in a "forbiddening Love" relationship. This picture is worth 10,000 words so you figure out what's really going through this pictures. There were a reason on I edit these 3 picture differently.
Are these people a couple? are they marriad? are the going to jail? Did they kill somebody? Are they trying to kill themselves? Are they lonely? What is the motive? All these questions are popping up inside your head and you are search for th right answer. Well theres no right or wrong answer to this picture.

Its.... ART.

My influence was Crystal Castle Abulm cover. I wanted to somewhat use that concept and make it my own. Little did I realize that I made it into another master peace. I take my influence from anything, anywhere or anybody at the time. I see colors, shape, theme and texture very different from others and so thats why I can do what I can do.

Secdum Society is another part of Ray Woods Photography. It's Art inside my photography that leaves mystery, clifhangers and non-stop mind bottling in your mind. It tells a story that have you to the edge of your set. Want to learn more? stay Tune.


  1. i like the photoedits,
    id use some better fonts from like or such :)
    keep sharing i like them

  2. Thanx. ok. i will check it out..
    thanx for the feedback