Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mastering The Elements

Today I shoot Adrienne and Nadia outside. It was 16 degrees, snowing and a walk to our location. We started off a little rough shooting in cold weather but we all got the hang of it. Adge and Nadia are somewhat exprience in fashion modeling and so I put their skills to the test. Capturing people in extreme elements was a big challenge for my and so i decided to step up my game and get theses Winning photos.

Both of these sisters gave me absoultly drive and such fierceness throughout this shoot. Trying to feel how they model i slowly learn both of their modeling style and help cature that moment and master it to an successful photo.

I played around with different lighting, poses, locations under an hour. Well i'm done typing so here are the finish products. Enjoy..




  1. yooooo
    i think you have everything that it takes
    your pix r fresh
    i love the quailty of them and the look
    also the outfits r dope
    your dope keep doing your thang

    also if you get a chance can you come check out my blog and follow im new so i need some help thanks

  2. Your photography is on point. Good job. Following your blog now.

    Please check out and follow my blog

  3. Yo Ray i like your pics i wanna be a Photographer to . im hopeinq i get my professional camera by my birthday in april . if u look at my blog i took some pics of my neighborhood . but i like your pics i like wat u did with these sisters . the pics is tuff

  4. Okay this is deff your best shoot by far, the 3rd and 5th pics are amazing. They are seriously great. I think this shoot is right on. However your other shoots are just lacking something and the latest one is a little too much. Ill give you more input on following posts. Follow my blog.

  5. i like your piccturss,,,most the 7 onee

  6. I also am a big fan of your work Ray and I know your going to be great in all you do. What I like the most about all your pictures is that you can take pictures that can be on your office wall, In a magazine,or even used for a ad. Your eye is just great. I look forward to see more and working with you. Ms.Lisa Comment on Ray's Work