Saturday, January 30, 2010

The BreakFast Club

The Modern Day BreakFast Club

Everybody saw the the movie breakfast club right? You had the Werido, Geek, Jock ect. Their were the sterotypes back in the 80's. But in this day of time theses sterotypes have been envolved into something greater.No more.... Jocks will be called "meat heads", and Princess will be called "Stuck ups". Theses baic sterotypes has been transform!

When i shot these group of people i was suppse to be shooting B.Childers. That's when Bre Bey came along to shoot with us. I wanted to use different backgrounds such as, stairways, walls ect. When I begin to shoot Bre and Bre chaun came along. I also wanted him to join in the photoshoot. Lately Shanyra came in the picture and the rest was history. Meet The BreakFast Club

Bre Bey: The Unforgiveable Lover

Miss Bey "The Unforgiveable Lover" is one of the members of the Breakfast Club. Bre is very sweet, loving and attractive women who is a sucker for love. When you first meet her it's heard to forget her. She's bubbly, energetic and a up beat girl. I shoot Bre in the pass so I know i had to shoot her again because she work the camera! Bre just seems like a loving person who respects herself and others. Being an "unforgiveable lover" means that you show some much postivity, harmony and this loving vibe that you want to be around all the time. This is Bre 24/7. So playing the "unforgiveable lover" was easy for her because she was being her sweet self.

B.Childers: The Fierce Werido

B.Childers "The Fierce Werido" is one of the members of the BreakFast Club. Bre is goofy, comico and very stylist indivual. I know Bre for a while so I knew i had to shoot her one day and so i decided to include her in this shoot. Bre is natural beutiful and werid but that's a postive thing. Shooting her was very cool because she was willing to learn how to be "a model", take great direction and she just being herself. Being an "fierce werido" means that your goofy, class clown, outspoken but also takes pride for thou self. Even though you tend to off the little norm your personality and style attracts many people. This bre 24/7 non-stop. So bre being the 'fierce werido" was no challenge for her at all.

Chaun Jones: The Tripple Threat

Chaun Jones "The Tripple Threat" is one of the members of The BreakFast Club. Chaun is cool, fun and very outgoing guy. Even though you see his quiet apperance he is a force to be reckwon with. Not the typical althle you would expect. Chaun does graphic design, fashion and more. Shooting chaun was fun because i wanted to shoot him for a long time. He has that look i need in my portfolio so their will be more photoshoots with him in the future. Being an "Tripple Threat" is to be invovle in more then 2 careers. Being focus, determine and a leader can get you far in life. That's why chaun was no stranger to this title.

Shanyra Jones: The cosmo Politan

Shanyra Jones "The Cosmo Politan" is one of the members of The BreakFast Club. Shanyra is passionated, Stylist, crazy and a fun person. Her edgey look hits for a tone that undiscribeable. Shooting her was very ceative and fun because she know how to move her body. So when i said "click" she moved around. I have gotten alot of great shots of her. Shanyra sweet princessie personality with her off-beat rouge look makes her The Comso Politan.

This phootshoot was unplanned but it was really cool how these selected 4 cam up to me and wanted to shoot together. Theses four don't even know each other but they trust me enough to shoot them all. So in the Breakfast Club Part 2 i slected about 4 or 5 people that are in different clicks in our high school. Testing the Boundries. stay tune...

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