Friday, January 22, 2010

Get to Know the Photographer

What's up.
My Name is Raymond M. Woods Jr and i'm currently in high school. I have always been memerize about different photos photographer have taken. Little did i know I discover my true passion next to Marketing. I started off taking all types of Photos such as pets, sneakers, bathroom pictures, phones ect. Then when i started to take pics of me I really perfected m pictures. I got alot of postive feedback from my pictures and that gave me the support i need to perfect my skills even more. I take pictures of me everywhere. Even though it might not seem that i have taken the photo outside, resturants, background ect I have learn how to model and take pictures in a illusion.

I have thousands of RAW uncut photos of myself. It's pratice on how i can improve the next time. Every time i have a "Photoshoot with myself" I always come up with a Theme that i can follow by. Little did i know my photos look very professional. If i can say so myself. I'm NOT trying to be a FASHON MODEL or some sort but i like to have decent pictures of myself. LOVE THE NEW CAM PARENTS>.

Starting Taking pictures my Senior Year of High School. Every since november I have been highly requested my my fellow Christiana High School Memebers. even though I don't have any degrees i believe i'm very talented. I'm really influence by "Art" and try to convey that into my photos. One of Photoshoots i really Like is Fashion Shoots. I think capturing Fashion is breathe taking to me. I'm a little Fashionable myself.

Now that I got a little Heat in my name, it's time to start networking like a crazy man. It's time for me to learn all i can about Photography. My cousin, "Althea Brown" is teaching me everything I need to know to have a successful photography business. I'm learning a whole lot and hungry to learn more.. (Come to think of it i need to call her now.) I Really consider her as one of my favorite photographerbecause the way conduct herself, Her photos are amazing and she's a Great person. I'am proud to be realted to her.

When I graduate.... It's going to be life changing for me. Exploring the world, Not having any limits, and just doing what I love. Thinking about going to Philly, New York, Alanta, New York! I think College can be over-rated at times. The Art Inst. Is a great place but i think it can't teach me what i have already know or will know from people i know. IT CAN'T HOLD ME!! In Conclusion i'am ready to explore new places, meet new people, and more. Maybe Real World in the future? i don't know. All i know is i need to follow my dreams. Nothing to really lose.
My Name is Raymond M. Woods Jr and I will be seeing more of me Real soon.

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