Friday, January 22, 2010

Working towards a Goal.

Happy Friday!

What's up. This week finally ends today with really nothing to do. As in now i'am getting the photos i want for my portfolio that ready to be printed in Bulk. I have only picked 14 success pictures and i need at least 25 more. I'am re editing and re taking peoples pictures to make sure each picture is unique. Beauty.Fashion.Headshots.Landscapes & ect.
My upcoming websites is taking longer then i exspected. Its a sloooowwww Process Because i edit little by little each day. Trying to find some time in this life.
The website will be up soon so stay tune.
Kinda bumm that im not going to be attending the Howards fashion this year but it's whatever. I will be in/ attending my School Fashon show so i'm really hype..
Well baqq to work.

Here's a picture of Michelle Holland.

nothing Major. Tell me what you think.

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