Saturday, January 16, 2010


What's Up. Christine is one of my "Favorite Fashion Models" that i enjoy shooting for. Christine is an up imcoming model who doesn't let her size to define her true passion "fashion modeling". She stands at 5'5, heels 5'7. Christine has no exprience in the modeling world but seeing her pictures can change your mind. She's currently in 11th Grade and studies high fashion, runways and anything their is too know about the "modeling world".

The Picture of Christine above is An magazine simple that i was fooling around with. little did i know it came out GREAT! I'm really to trying to learn ALL i can about photography. I never seen so much skill that Christine gives at a phootshoot. Even though im an upimcoming photographer and she's an up imcoming Model were both are on a way!
Below is the same picture WITHOUT all the WORDS.

Some of the GREAT photos are UNplan, UNtime, and not predictable. Well that's what this photoshoot was. I have shot 6 frames of her and they all came out PERFECT! She makes my job a whole lot easier. When i stop her in the hallway and say, "Ok im shoting you right now". She stops what she's doing then pose. It ends up like something like.

As I edit her photos all theses ideas flow throughout my head. I have to think about what i'am trying to tell my viewers about this picture. "Is it about the cloths"? "Is it about the model"?, ect. It's about her and the cloths. a Fashion Picture. Christine brings so much energy. She's 100% serious about her modeling as you can see it in the pictures.

I Love to add some type of ART into my pictures. Something that says that's one of RAYMOND WOODS JR Photo. This last photo i like the most. I really wanted to make this picture "Pop" than it really was one i first took this picture. && I came up with this.

Look out World a nw model, CHRISTINE is here to take over..

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