Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RWP Official Site: Gallery && Print

Just Weeks away from my OFFICIAL Website and I can not wait any LONGER! Why the Wait ? Because it's still in minor construction. Yes it's PHOTOGRAPHY SITE But i also wanted to Brand myself and management as well. This year i'am doing my first ever PRINTS? Yes prints. I showcasing my prints on esty so buy it up ! Here are 2 Photographs that will be available January 22nd 8pm Eastern Time

Eshu Virus
Inspired by The African American Spirt "Eshu" I wanted to design and edited in the way of his affects of his trickery and evil. I Blended shape colors and over all horror through the photograph.

The Galx
Inspired by the movement of the body and hair i played around with the exposure and and saturation through the whole shoot. Added a another world in the hair and became remarkable .

Printing Size xxxxx
5x7 $14.99 (Plus Tax and Shipping)
8x6 $14.99 (Plus Tax and Shipping)
8x10 $19.99 (Plus Tax and Shipping)
10x13 $24.99 (Plus Tax and Shipping)
11x14 $25.99 (Plus Tax and Shipping)
12x18 $32.99 (Plus Tax and Shipping)

There you have it ! ORdering should be a breeze! the website does ask for there cut so buy it straight from the source. You have Pay Pal? Sure you do! if not make one. Email me !!

The Email for business is Subject to change in the Next couple Weeks but it will still be active !~!active

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