Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fashion Photography Blog: Shot of the Week


Let me just say this has been a very emotional day. I literally Woke up this morning with the email stating "Hello, Thank You for submission to the FP Blog S.O.T.W . Your photo has been awarded the S.O.T.W. ". I instantly jump up and feel to the ground. I was unbelievable in denial . Ran to my computer and BAMM! it was there in BIG BOLD LETTERS ! I can't show you how much this actually mean to me. For me and christina starting this journey and now starting to make our name for ourselves is truly a blessing. It took about 17-22 submission to get "Shot of the Week" and I never gave up. Truth be told told website literally said "It's not up to par. Well... Guess what Art is Art buddy.
I actually made a actually video about my excitement. It's deff motivated me to do what i needed to do to become a profession. So be on the look out for my Official website on my Photography Anniversary this January or maybe sooner. So here is the Bingo Bang Bongo of the Photography...

Personal Information:

Name: Raymond Woods

Explanation: Inspired By black and white photography that has a dramatic meaning and overall purpose in the story. This model in the photograph look confident and strong but yet i feel like she is striving for acceptance trust in the forbidden woods. I named it “No church in the Wild” Inspired by the early 1900s of African Americans with a modern twist .

Melissa Rodwell’s Critique: This is such a well executed photograph. The composition is really well done. So is the styling, the casting of the model ( I love this girl! ), the mood. And of course, the black and white. It reminds me of a shoot Lindberg did with Naomi Campbell in Paris about 10 years ago. It was an epic editorial and this shot is in that same vain. I love this photo, Raymond. Excellent job!

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