Monday, April 4, 2011

The Arising Phoenix Album Release Party

What’s up Readers


This weekend my interning company Tahj Entertainment had a Event for our album release “The arising phoenix. So before i get into details let me tell you all the juice inside scoop on what happen, when it happen, who it happen, etc.

So after pre paring my equipment the night before , saturday morning i was already ready to go and race to the train. I was ask to do a photo shoot at the event as well as be one of the host at the event. Danny “videoographer” video tape the interviews and the event and let me tell you his LIGHTS was a LIFESAVOR. So my train came at 11:30am and i knew i had to get some tan pants for my outfit because all the stores i went to didn’t have any. I ran up stairs in the mall to old navy and found me a $36.15 Tan pants and it was worth every penny. Then i had to run down stair to catch the train (That was a close one).

Train ride was cool until a women who was (Completely a stranger) Kept asking me questions about Delaware. Turn my ipod on and i was zoning. So i got pick up from CEO of Deadline Production Lisa Ward to the Event to handle some business. From then on i was throw into work ! I talked to Danny , Set up the lights and background, assemble my team and was ready to shoot the 3 Artist. Tyleek “Creative Director” was really doing his job. He suggested great ideas, concept and looks to make the photographs pop. Grace “The assistant” Was helping with the cloths, getting me things i need and was my go to person. Renee “The videographer” Tape the whole thing (tear tear) im so proud !. Last but not least Danny was giving my some pointers on how to achieve the look i wanted to achieve.

So my Muses Ex-Calvon, Doc, and Lil Tahj grace my stage and work it like no other before. So you know i had to use my method CCM. I wanted to connect to my clients on another level. Show them how to pose, show them what is lacking within the photographer, and build a relationship with them in hopes of achieving the photographer i want. In the video you prob saw me swagging, instructing them and coaching them along the way. Yes modeling is hard but showing you what you don’t know about your body, how can you boast your positive qualities and being creative is what it’s all about. Let’s just say the photoshoot was MEGA FUN.

So i was rush to hosting and i was SUPER NOVA nervous people. I’am a shy person when i don’t know people so to one of the host at the event was very nerve recking. So Me , Tyleek and Jasmine hosted the event and it went Very well…. until i started my Comedy hour. “Tickle Twinkle”. It was film on a personal camera so you have to wait until it’s edited and what nots. Over all Great Time ! It you miss it…. Weelll it sucks to be you. Hhahaha

Secdum <3

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