Friday, April 8, 2011

The Arising Phoenix Album Event: Test Shoot

As you know i recently Photograph/ and Host for the event but i wouldn't produce great work if i didn't have my Deadline Production team. I walk up to the set where Danny "Videographer" set up a black back drops, hot lights and filters for the both of us. Very excited to shoot the 3 artist of Tahj Entertainment "Doc, Ex-calvon, and Lil Tahj", i had to mentally prepare myself to shoot them. The factors i had to consider was there heigh (pretty much around the same heigh), skin tone, and ability to move. Also there being 3 different generations the lighting had to somewhat change dramatically to not make them look to young or to old . I was on a time crunch and had to think creativity fast or i will lose my positive aura.
Understanding that Black or White aren't colors but how they lights opens and shuts that cast these to non colors is a major plus in photographs people with these back drops. Easily to hide, touch up or re shape almost everything. On the other hand lighting it was a little difficult. Ty "Creative Director" gave tremendous ideas and creative concept for his first time directing. I kinda set back on the creative side of photography and put more into the technique side of photography. No active wardrobe stylist on set my assistant "Grace" properly fix the wardrobe and always jump in to test the lighting for me..
Test shooting is so important because it gives you a change to see if the model can CCM (Creative Confident Mover). In this shoot i literally had 5mins ! WOWERS. But the test shoot i was really talking about is my assistant Grace and Creative Director Ty. I'am going to be shooting them later this month so seeing how they photograph or move before was an advantage on my side if i don't say so myself. Those 2 hours i had went by super fast. I keep it professional at all times and surrounded myself with positive people through the shoot.

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