Thursday, August 8, 2013

R A Y M E Z for Thift Mobb

Hey Guys !

So this past weeks I was introduce to a movement in Fashion called "Thift Mobb" from a good friend "Thea Lopez". An event that inspires millions to thift shop with great prices. A Movement started by Thea Lopez and "Tia Counture" to help educated the importance of Thift shopping.

Not really into events because it lacks so much creativity but I gave it a try and it was SUPERNOVA. I played with lost of colors, Angles, and DOP. No images were reached at all ( It is what it is). Pretty much snap shot everything because i was really into the whole creative mood. It was Vintage shopping so why not vintage photographs?

My bro Tyler Collins Videograph the event for Secdum Tv which is coming out this Fall along with some other cool stuff. Pretty coo turn Out i must say. Check out the photographs bellow.


Are you a diva on a dime obsessed with today's trends as well as decades of the past? Or, are you stuck in a rut and want to add some spark to your dull wardrobe? If you love to save money, score amazing items, and meet cool new people...then the Thrift Mobb is for you! This group is for the stylish gal/guy fascinated with the hunt for hidden treasures.

You can find us anywhere from your local thrift store, garage sale, sample sale to art exhibits, fashion shows, etc. After a fabulous day of shopping we'll enjoy a tasty cocktail using the money we saved of course! Thrift/vintage shopping mavens, Tia and Thea will help you explore the art of "thrifting" by assisting with selection of pieces to fit your one of a kind style. We are well versed in the different fashions of each era and vintage sizing. So, don't fret we got you covered!

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