Friday, September 30, 2011

Color the Block RED

So it took me forever to write about a Photography story because i been crazy busy with EVERYTHING. I put an AD out on Model Mayhem because i need a model for me to shoot for a up coming test i had. Everything i learn in my photography book was put to the test. How can you shoot Fashion, animals, building etc if you don't know the basic right?

I ment up with the model Lyric "Brittany" Couture with her assistant manger. Keep it professional all the way. Already explain the concept, look, the feel and the overall message i wanted to convey. Before i shot her i test shoot for about 10-20 minutes trying to get a realistic view on how much i want in the photograph. i recently bought 50mm with a 1.8 f/stop and i was super excited to use it. I use the lens on my cat a couple weeks before outside so i shouldn't had no problem "getting to know " the lens.

I started off with "Meet and great" shot that i do to ALL clients to see 1. Challenges i may face 2. lighting 3. skill level . All i continue to shoot i wanted to move around as much as possible without losing her in the shoot. Again i had a 50mm lens. Since the sun was blazing with a little breeze my lens was mostly closed. 3.5 f/stop , 100 ISO and 1/80 shutter. It very from different shots. This shoot was different because i actually knew what i want and how far i willing to go without losing my professionalism.

Focal length: 50mm Shutter Speed: 1/80 Aperture: 3.5 ISO: 400

Some shots was very candid and i shot them in monochrome because everybody loves a classic black and white photograph. I wanted to intense it for a dramatic touch so i maybe the blacks bold and the white a gray plush. COLOR the block RED was inspired by... umm I can't recall actually but when i do i will let you know. haha. I had to do something with the red tint filter on camera and her just living life on the park way. I love themes, names so why not?

I wanted to capture her instead of cloths so this wasn't a fashion shoot. More of an environmental portrait shoot. I made that very clear in my casting call. That took pressure off of me and the new model. Fashion is tough cookie that i have not been able to eat yet! Seriously i want a piece !

Let me tell you my hats go off to retouchers around the globe because having that much patient of editing a photography is WORK ! i mean WORK! Every hair, every bump, every skin tone, and the list goes on. When you asking a retoucher to retouch your photograph for $15 umm that is more the nice. Basic retouching might not be work to them but for outsiders it sure enough is WORK!

Focal length: 50mm Shutter Speed: 1/80 Aperture: 3.5 ISO: 400

Overall The shoot was great. every shoot i have i learn something new about myself either personal or professionally. Of course my creative eye has improve but noticing flaws, accepting it and how to remove them with varies situation is going to take a while to catch the "flow" and lighting ? ... let's just say we only ment once or twice. Can't wait to show my September work. Until next time :)

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