Sunday, February 27, 2011

Temple University Basketball Game Shoot.

Jamall 1min 45 seconds

I hit Jamall up to thank him again for letting me get in at the Game and so i was very eager To Take his Photograph. So this is were i had to test my skills. Only having a few minute to shoot a successful Shot of him i payed attention on where he wanted to take it, the lighting and his surroundings. F Stop was 3.5, Aperture 1/60 , ISO was 800 and White balance was Auto && Florescent. Shutter Speed was about 1/250. But it had to change it Rapidly because of the lighting changes. But that was my basic Formula . I had my camera remaining on Manual and the flash was on Stand by.

I moved to the basketball stadium entrance that had little to no lighting for my Camera Eye. I walk in a little move and adjust my white balance and ISO. I Wanted him to Remain Black for seeing the Basketball court and so i have done so. I wanted a little of Depth of Field for both photographs to give it that drama crisp i was looking for.Photography is so much more that meets the eye. Believe me i know. It’s kinda like English,Math, Science, and history wrap in 1. I learn that shooting with a time frame is always a hard thing to master. Make time work for you, Don’t Work for Time”. Seems impossible but having this “Can do ” mindset can put you at ease. I got straight to my element and my eyes begin to work for me.

Subject: Jamall Hall

Location: Temple Basketball Ball Game

I wanted to capture the essence of the Basketball Ball Stadium but have the Model the main focus of it all. After he had a 1 1/2 hour Non stop play from his Sax i wanted to capture him looking back at his successful Night he has done. The Sepia color came about because color and black and white wasn’t dramatic enough for me as well as not making the model the main focus. I use the Depth of Field technique to really give him the Boost he need.

Ray Woods’s Critique: I really enjoy shooting him for the short time i had. I would love to do show his face a little more to the left. I want to make the photograph even more intense and appealing to the eye. I would like more interaction from Basketball court. Maybe tell him to pull out the Sax . But overall i think i did a Good job for my first try.

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