Sunday, June 6, 2010

SHOOT: Rock-a-Bye Belle

For this shoot I wanted to shoot christine again but in a indoor setting. I was watching a beyonce video "why don't you love me" and saw how her 60s throwback look so cool. I hit Christine Doir (Model/ The Secdum Fashion Society model) up, told her to watch the video, and she love it. We gave each other ideas and I pitch them to Holly Draper (Model The Secdum Fashion Society). Holly came up with the name "Rock-a-bye Belle" an that started it off to a fun and crazy journey. For this shoot I want to show "The Belle" emotions to create a cool story behind it". So I played around with everything (exposure, temperature,lighting, ext.) The belle starts off very high fashiony

Long legs, cool tempature colors, and very classy. As you start to veiw the photos even more you'll see the change of color, the way I edit, and more. Now the belle got into drinking due to pre pressure and she starts to fall from there.

I really wanted to the audience to really see and feel the emotions I
gave off through these photos. I made it dramatic, focus on a spefic
part, and increased the heat.

Now that she did the deed ahea now facing the after math of her choices.

This was a fun test shoot! I really had no rules/guildlines for this shoot (which made it even more fun) and I get to see how well all there work with each other. The next shoot "Alice and Wonderland Part 2" will be the best shoot yet. Working with some people to give our
look more power! Learning about light and really putting my skills to work.

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